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Our cumulative experience is over 120 years.

Allene Leek

Licensed Massage Practitioner
“Years ago I was in a serious motor vehicle collision and I learned first-hand how slow and frustrating the healing process can be, and how it can affect all areas of your life.  It taught me a lot about empathy and how no one injury is “textbook”. We are individual in our own personal healing process.
That experience is paired with the fact I love people and enjoy being part of the healing process. I find great personal satisfaction if I can bring relief and healing to someone who is suffering from an acute injury or a chronic condition.”

Marie Kiltz

Licensed Massage Practitioner

Marie graduated from the venerable Brian Utting School of Massage in 1994. She is considered a “massage therapists’ massage therapist” as many of her patients are actually practicing massage therapists.  She is strong in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep friction, and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. She studied Cranio-Sacral Therapy under Bruno Ducoux, an Osteopathic Physician from Bordeaux, France. She has also deepened her Cranio-Sacral understanding by continuing her studies with Pat O’Rourke, L.M.P., Beth Cachet, M.A. L.M.P., and Ursula Pop, M.Ac, CCST.

“My personal treatment philosophy and treatment goals are to be absolutely present, to handcraft the massage to address the patient’s health needs as a whole. I mean body and soul. From the everyday aspects to underlying trauma.

I am a spiritual person (not religious). I read everything and what I gain from my readings, the time I spend in nature, the long deep discussions about life I have with my spouse, are a source of insight and inspiration. These things always seem to show up in my work at the massage table.  My work often helps people look at their lives differently and helps them be present in their bodies.”

Yumi Takamura

Licensed Massage Practitioner

“My mother and grandmother practiced Shiatsu in Japan, and massage has been a part of my life since childhood.  So I decided to study massage.  I graduated from Brian Utting School of Massage in 2003.  Through study and commitment I developed the skills and knowledge to be not only a high-quality massage practitioner, but to “be one with a deeper sense of humanity.” 

Bothell Integrated Health has been a wonderful place to work and grow as a therapist in a supportive environment surrounded by amazing therapists.”

We use massage to effectively treat whiplash and other serious injuries.

Theresa Madison

Licensed Massage Practitioner

Theresa enjoys connecting and building relationships with her patients. She views the body holistically, believes that every patient has their own story and that their body is an integral part of that story. She listens to her patients’ needs, as well as intuitively listening to his or her body’s response during the treatment session; tailoring each session to meet the person where they are that day.

Upon her strong foundation of anatomy, Theresa also brings presence, compassion and loving touch to every client in each session. Her background as a yoga teacher informs her understanding of how the body moves, stretches and breathes to help patients reach their treatment goals.

Mike Wall

Licensed Massage Practitioner

“I was introduced to massage therapy while working in the high stress tech field as an engineer and project manager. Massage helped me reduce stress/anxiety and mitigate pain/headaches. A bad car accident sealed the deal; massage, chiropractic, and self-care were responsible for my rapid recovery. Massage and self-care also eliminated my “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” and other tendonitis related issues in my hands/arms (numbness, pain, and weakness). No surgery or cortisone injections were needed.

Massage therapy changed my life, and I decided to pursue massage training to assist others in need of healing.”

Esther Krasowski

Licensed Massage Practitioner

“The journey leading up to becoming a massage therapist started at home, growing up with a brother who had Muscular Dystrophy. I also remember my mother rubbing knots out of my fathers shoulders because he’d worked long hours.  As for me, I play sports, exercise and lift weights. I have had countless injuries, acute flair ups and chronic pain in my low back and hips, and I have learned first hand how massage helps heal the body and can also prevent the pain from worsening.

My massage style is tailored to the clients needs or goals on the day of treatment.  Each technique I use, deep tissue, neuromuscular, Swedish, trigger point, myofascial & hydro-therapy all serve as tools in my tool belt.”

Quality Injury Treatment in Bothell Since 1998

Faye Duncan

Licensed Massage Practitioner

Faye has a great quality of touch,  sensitivity, and intuition for a great massage.  She employs a combination of swedish, myofascial, and deep tissue techniques and adapts to each client’s need for the session.  Her style of massage is slow, firm, and focused.  The effect is therapeutic, relaxing, and warming.
Her treatments have been effective for conditions such as whiplash, shoulder injuries, low back and upper body pain, high muscle tension, and restrictions of motion.  She loves getting to know a person and their condition, and what adaptations work for each person.   She enjoys seeing people heal so they can return to doing what they love to do.

Missy Graves

Licensed Massage Practitioner

“I attended the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona and graduated in 2008. Massage Therapy has given me the opportunity to learn about the human body in a very unique way.

In previous years, I have experienced my own personal injuries that I have overcome with regular massage therapy treatment as well as strengthening my muscles with exercise. I really enjoy working with Whiplash, Lower Extremity and Low back injuries, as I can personally relate to those types of injuries.”

Jennifer Cabarrus

Licensed Massage Practitioner
She specializes in treatment style massage for
those recovering from life’s daily stresses or unfortunate mishaps.
Jennifer offers specific treatment massage tailored to meet each person’s needs.
Her massage style is slow, focused, intentional and balanced utilizing several techniques
including but not limited to: Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Release and Deep Tissue
Massage all with a Swedish Massage foundation.
“I listen to your goals while working
intuitively, letting my hands zero in on your body’s needs, with this approach I am able to
customize each massage to fit where you are at today.”

Chris Colwell

Licensed Massage Practitioner

“When I was injured on the job at 19 and experienced medical massage for the first time, I knew it was something I wanted to be able to do for others.  I graduated from Peninsula College School of Massage in 2003. After college, massage enabled me to travel the world. I studied Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand and have now returned to the Seattle area to settle down.

I currently teach Anatomy Physiology and Pathology and Muscle Anatomy and Kinesiology at Cortiva Massage Institute of Seattle and consider myself lucky to have found such a wonderful clinic to work for here at Bothell Integrated Health.”

Becca McGeehee

Licensed Massage Practitioner

“I love massage because it’s a people-focused field and I want to help people help themselves. I generally tend to have a deep-tissue touch with a focus on Myofascial release therapy.

I enjoy following the tension and listening to what the body is trying to tell me it wants or needs. Each massage is individualized based on the symptoms the client is presenting. Whiplash, neck pain (other than whiplash) frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome and more are some conditions that I have been able to successfully help clients with.”

Theresa Gailushas

Licensed Massage Practitioner

“The way to best describe Theresa, is as a true Technician.  Theresa drops all frills, the hors d’oeuvre, and digs right into the main event – this is no strip mall spa massage, this is the practice of bonafide medical massage at it’s finest. Theresa analyzes the situation surrounding an anatomical issue, and works ceaselessly to correct it.

All of that said, the special thing about a treatment from Theresa, is that while skipping the fluffy Swedish massage and other fun but inefficient fillers, you will leave the massage table not only knowing that you are one step closer to a pain free back or even getting back that full golf swing, but also feeling refreshed, taken care of, and ready to get back on that golf course.”

-Anonymous Patient

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