Massage Magazine Article


About our Medical Massage Clinic in Bothell – Bothell Integrated Health

The following is a reprint of an article where BJ Erkan and Patty Erkan, the owners of Bothell Integrated Health, the Bothell area’s medical massage clinic, are interviewed by Massage Magazine in June 2007:



The background story: In early 2007 I just finished my last massage session with a patient before going to lunch.  As I left the treatment room our receptionist told me that someone was on the phone from Massage Magazine.  I thought it was about continuing my subscription and told her to let them know I was going to continue my subscription to their fine publication.  She told them and she then told me it wasn’t someone about a subscription it was the editor wishing to speak to me about featuring us as a model practice.  I didn’t quite believe it at first.

I am proud of the work we do and the fine group of people that we have working with us at our clinic, but a magazine editor calling to ask for me?  Fortunately I was able to overcome my disbelief and took the call.  The interview above was the result.  I asked her why she had chosen us.  She asked if I knew who Karen Beahan was.  I said yes she is a former employee of our clinic, and a wonderful person.  She said we had received several people suggest us for this honor over this particular year but what put us over the top was that a former employee had never nominated a former employer before.  She said that there were several other clinics being considered but that we were probably going to be the clinic chosen.  The resulting article above was a pleasure to partake in.  A warm thank you to Karen.

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