Bothell Massage Therapists


We are Dedicated to the Health and Well-being of Our Community

Bothell massage patients are most frequently referred to Bothell Integrated Health by their physicians, and previous patients.  Not only do we have the most experience (over 130 years) at effectively treating soft tissue injuries under one roof, we also have a deep affinity for the community of Bothell, and the Bothellites that live here.  We serve Bothellites of all ages.  Entire families from gradparents to grand children seek our service and we are glad to put our mission statement , To Heal, To Educate, To Empower, in action for them.

Bothell Massage

For every BIH staff member it is all about supporting the health and well-being of  our patients.  We enjoy the trust and good faith of the medical community as well.  We have many medical massage therapy techniques to draw from for dealing with a variety of conditions, from severe whiplash, to defeating a tension headache.  We are here for you.

Bothell Massage Therapy = Bothell Integrated Health

A balanced approach is required to acheive great health and well-being. When you think of these two words: Bothell Massage, think of Bothell Integrated Health.  Although we are well known in the region for being whiplash specialists, we are happy to treat all soft tissue injuies that some one might suffer from.

Bothell Integrated Health Therapists Know the difference between Medical and Well-body massage.  Although we admittedly are focsed on helping  injury victims in pain acheive optimum recovery we also do a bit of well-body massage. Once healed from the condition that required massage out of medical necessity, many patients become clients and return time and again for massage tune-ups to maintain optimum health.  We take our relationships with the good folks we treat seriously.  Every single patient is the most important patient we have.


Please remember when you think of the words: Bothell Massage, think of Bothell Integrated Health.