Everyone wants to go for the gusto when in the gym to improve performance or appearance, but few like paying the price in pain and weakness during recovery from intense exercise. Massage is your answer to this conundrum.

Whether work out goals are short term, like getting that beach body ready for spring break, or long term, like preparing for and improving performance for demanding seasonal outdoor sports activity, the latest research proves that massage is a powerful epi-genetic partner in speeding your recovery.

The epi-genetic angle of massage

Per Wikipededia, “epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression or cellular phenotype caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence.” Genes are not self-emergent and require stimulus to be “switched on” by environmental factors or experiences. This piece of research by the Buck Institute and McMaster Univeristy shows that massage has a direct genetic effect. Massage therapists and massage enthusiasts have long known that massage can speed recovery but until now had only theories and didn’t have the benefit of proof. This research proves that massage has a direct effect on gene expression in regards to injury or exercise recovery by reducing inflammation and therefore pain, and promoting mitochondrial growth in skeletal muscles.

This information has been greeted with enthusiasm amongst those in the health care community that keep up on research and are proponents of massage and optimum health.. It has been found that on the cellular level massage affects the inflammation response to intense exercise and promotes the growth of new mitochondria in skeletal muscle. This is good news for weekend warriors, body builders, and competitive athletes alike, as well as everyone else who is interested in real results and optimum health.

Massage and the psychology of optimum health

Many massage enthusiasts utilize massage, not just to aid in training and to speed recovery from intense exercise routines, but also see the treatments as non-food rewards. Deserved rewards for work well done. When one has regular massage to look forward to as part of a training routine, it can be much easier to forego fattening fast food and other unhealthy temptations. Massage is something to look forward to that is calorie free. This is the case of treating yourself right and enjoying every benefit along the way. Massage also helps the health conscious person maintain a good attitude, mind-body awareness and stay on track in regards to training. If you are fortunate enough to live in the greater Seattle Area you benefit from being surrounded by highly trained massage professionals. So what are you waiting for? Spring into action, pick up that phone and call your massage therapist guilt free. After all, massage not only feels great, research proves it is good for you.