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Our Clinic is now Regence Massage Credentialed

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Regence only offers credentialing to select clinics that provide medical massage.  We are proud to announce that we have been offered such an honor.  Since Uniform was absorbed by Regence this year our 4 Regence Massage therapists were too busy and were too hard to get an appointment with.  We understand and have shared the frustration.  That frustration is now over.

We are currently undergoing a full clinic credentialing process.  We have just added 4 more of our massage therapists to the Regence preferred provider list bringing the total to 8 Regence massage providers.  By January 1st, 2012  All of our Massage therapists will be Regence preferred providers!  That will be over 130 Years of combined clinical experience providing the highest level of soft tissue injury treatment available to you and your loved ones.  We specialize in the treatment of various conditions from serious whiplash to tension headaches.  Our 16 massage therapists are here to help.

Let your doctors know that they can send you to Bothell Integrated Health and rest assured you will get the best Regence covered medical massage available.

To schedule please click here.  Bothell Integrated Health will be THE place in Bothell to get your Regence massage!

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