The massage community, and everyone that supports and uses massage, owes a great debt of gratitude to the authors of a new paper on the safety and effectiveness of massage in the treatment of a myriad of medical conditions. This paper was a Herculean effort carried out and submitted to the Office of the Insurance commisioner on behalf of the massage community  to defend massage as safe and effective treatment in a medical environment.  The Affordable Care Act requires each state to formulate and implement a plan to create a healthcare exchange.  This research was compiled in an effort to secure the inclusion of massage in these future health care exchanges.

If you are a massage therapist please consider making a contribution to the Massage Therapy Foundation. If you are a massage therapist in Washington state and are not a member of the AMTA-WA please consider joining and getting involved with keeping and strengthening massage as an integral part of medical and wellness care in the state of Washington.  As far as I can tell no other group is working this hard in our state for our profession.

Many thanks to all involved with this project.

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Project funded by American Massage Therapy Association-WA

Massage and the affordable care act

Massage and the Affordable Care Act

Project Coordinators: Marybeth Berney, LMP, President, AMTA-WA
Diana L Thompson, LMP, Past President, Massage Therapy Foundation

The Authors:

Marissa Brooks, MPH, LMP
Michael Hamm, LMP, CCST
Benjamin Erkan, BA
Diana L Thompson, LMP, Past President, Massage Therapy Foundation
Kenneth Pfaff, HFWLS, HPCUHGS, Head Librarian, The Grotto Library