Mission Statement

Our Mission: to Heal, to Educate and to Empower

Our goals are to use knowledge, sensitivity and skill…

To Heal injuries and to restore the body to the fullest possible health and function.

To Educate patients by providing the necessary information to practice effective self-care and to prevent re-injury.

To Empower patients to improve their own quality of life through a greater understanding of body mechanics and the mind-body connection.


Physicians in King and Snohomish counties have been entrusting their patients to us since 1998. Our 16 licensed, insured therapists have over 130 years of combined experience. Our therapists are highly experienced in a vast range of advanced treatment techniques.


We are committed to providing expert treatment with the highest level of professional care and friendly, helpful service. While we specialize in injury treatment, we are also fully equipped to provide relaxation massage, pregnancy massage and treatment of adult and children’s sports injuries.

Pain Relief

Our therapists understand the nature of pain – its sources, and its effects on all areas of daily life. Each patient receives sensitive, caring treatment, individually tailored to most effectively promote swift healing and pain relief.

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