Hello all, I hope everyone is having a safe summer and enjoying the warm weather.  I have had a very positive experience I would like to share with you. I started riding my bicycle to work regularly and have written about my experience getting my bike properly fit and the difference it has made in my ability to ride pain and fatigue free. Click Here to read my latest article on my experience getting an ergonomic Bike Fit fitting from Dr. Jeff Guindon at Kaufman Chiropractic. I enthusiastically recommend to anyone that is an avid bicycle rider that they invest in a Bike Fit fitting.  If you are just beginning to ride and plan on putting some regular mileage in this is one of those investments that could save your knees, low back, wrists, hands, etc. Appointments for a fitting can be made with Dr.Guindon by calling (425) 486-1122. Safe Riding! B.J